Endometrial polyp: how to overcome the problem

Increasingly doctors tell women about an unpleasant diagnosis - endometrial polyp. What is a polyp, what threats does it cause, and how should women overcome this…


Do You Really feel Younger than Your actual age? You might Simply Live Longer

A whole new research implies that those who are "young at heart" have a very reduced death level compared to people who really feel their age or even older.

Several older people really feel younger compared…


3D printing and medicine

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) group claims that the equipment - that is waiting for a patent request - can certainly "print" a pill with a specific volume of medication that may be obtained by a affected person.



Vitamin D deficiency linked to poor brain function, death after cardiac arrest

Individuals who have been resuscitated right after sudden heart failure arrest may possibly at greater danger associated with poor brain perform or passing away if they are vitamin D lacking.…


Healthy Sperm

A healthy man discharges 50 million semen in one ejaculation. Throughout sexual activity, of all these millions of semen, a couple 100 can make it to a mature egg cell that is able to be fertilized.

Aspects That May Have an effect on Sperm…


A new drug boosts the immune reaction in advanced melanoma

A study by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University and allied institutions, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on March 3, 2014, proves that the drug nivolumab sets the immune system to attack cancer and detains…